About Schloemer Law Firm

Founded by Attorney C.J. Schloemer in 1933, Schloemer Law Firm has become one of the leading providers of legal services in Southeast Wisconsin. For more than 80 years, the professionals at Schloemer Law Firm have been helping individuals and businesses use the law to their advantage.

Our clients have been returning to Schloemer Law Firm for generations.  Attorneys work cooperatively to help people resolve the most common and complex types of legal issues. With the counsel and guidance of Schloemer Law Firm, matters related to taxes, real estate, business law, family law, estate planning, and more do not have to be confusing obstacles. We pride ourselves on the attentive care and sound legal counsel our clients receive when choosing Schloemer Law Firm.

Schloemer Law Firm has become the trusted legal partner for countless local families and businesses by adopting a client-first approach. Attorneys take the time to fully understand the needs of clients and their goals over the short and long term. The team relies on a wealth of experience and resources to create a customized legal strategy that puts the best interests of the client first. Clients stay in constant contact with the attorneys working on their behalf, and they receive the information and insights they need.

At Schloemer Law Firm, we also strongly believe in the power of giving back to our community. Members of our law firm are committed to community involvement, volunteering their time and talent to community service and charitable organizations.

Schloemer Law Firm is here to be your adviser and partner now and into the future. If and when you need quality counsel, reach out to a team that is ready to provide answers, assistance, and practical advice. You’ll be happy to work with us, the firm to trust for life.


We’re the firm to trust, for life.

Schloemer Law Firm is the resource you can rely on for a wide range of legal services. We help individuals, families, and businesses navigate legal issues they encounter throughout their lives.  The attorneys at Schloemer Law Firm are equipped to help clients resolve various types of legal matters, from common issues to complex obstacles. Instead of being caught off guard, rely on Schloemer Law Firm to keep you ahead of the curve.

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