Does Your Business Have an Emergency Plan?

Be Prepared for the Unexpected 

Your business is one of your most impressive achievements and important resources. You have put a lot into it—and you expect to get a lot out of it—in order to support yourself and your family over the long term. All businesses, however, are vulnerable to incredible degrees of uncertainty.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is, what industry you operate in, or how carefully the operation is managed. Hundreds of different surprises can cause a thousand types of disasters. And the questions is not if this will happen to your business, but when it will happen.That begs the question—does your business have an emergency plan in place? If not, you are even more vulnerable to the unexpected and the unpredictable than you realize. Something that seems minor or appears impossible can drain your capital and put your business in jeopardy.

There is only so much you can do to avoid disruptions. But there is a lot you can do to limit the impact of those disruptions and insulate your business from the worst effects. That way, even when you are struggling to thrive, you still always have the means to survive.Survival depends entirely on having an emergency plan in place. Most of the time these plans will be irrelevant. But if and when they become necessary, they provide the kind of guidance and protection you need no matter what sort of emergency you face.

The details of the plan will be different for every business, and customization is essential. There are emergencies that all businesses need to worry about, such as tax liabilities, litigation, and data breaches. One of the most important contingencies a business should plan for is death or disability of an owner and key personnel.  There are other potential issues that will be entirely specific to your business. In all cases, the surest and safest way to respond to an emergency will differ depending on the circumstances of the business.An effective emergency plan is defined by its comprehensiveness and flexibility. In the event of any kind of unexpected event, it is equipped to deflect consequences and direct actions. And when your business finds itself in totally unfamiliar territory, your emergency plan is still able to defend your interests.

If your business does not have one of these plans in place, it’s time to make it a priority. The most important step is partnering with business and legal professionals who can understand your business, evaluate your risk, and ironclad your protection. To get the process started, contact an attorney from Schloemer Law Firm, S.C.