Can You Trust Your Insurance Company?

Look out for these common insurance ploys. 

Insurance is supposed to protect you from life’s most unexpected and unwanted events. You pay month after month with the expectation that your insurance company is eager and able to put your best interests first. But what if your policies provided far less protection than you expect?

The simple fact is that every insurance company is a for-profit business. And in spite of their catchy slogans promising to go the extra mile when you need it most, these companies have a vested interest in paying out less than you are paying in. Unfortunately, more than a few policyholders have learned this the hard way.

The worst case scenario is that you are entirely denied coverage. This happens more often than the insurance companies would like to reveal, but it’s not the only way they under serve people like you. Sometimes you just get the feeling that something is “off” and that the insurance company is not providing the protections you were promised.‌•  Following a car accident, you get a reservation or rights letter promising to defend you in court but not necessarily all the way through to the end of the case.

‌•  Your house burns down but the insurance company seems more interested in nitpicking your story than helping you get the funds necessary to rebuild.

‌•  Representatives from your insurance company appear reluctant to explain the actual details of your policy or respond to your questions/concerns in a timely manner.The strongest strategy is to reach out to a lawyer with experience in this area. As an individual, there is only so much pressure you can put on your insurer. But with a legal representative in your corner, it’s possible to hold the insurance company accountable for paying claims and damages in full.

If you want to be sure you have the protection you expect, seek out counsel to review your insurance coverage ideally, before there is a claim or the detailed insurance policy once you believe a claim may exist, particularly before you discuss the claim in detail with your insurance company. A lawyer who understands insurance jargon and the tricks insurance companies write into their policies can spot red flags you need to be concerned about. That empowers you to obtain appropriate coverage, appropriately frame the issues or seek out a company that is more transparent. This kind of due diligence is important for individuals and businesses alike since many rely on insurance policies to safeguard their futures.The team at Schloemer Law Firm has extensive experience working with clients who have been let down by their insurers or who are concerned that their insurance company isn’t putting them first. In disputes ranging from minor to major, we have taken the fight to the insurance companies and gotten our clients what they deserve. Reach out to our lawyers for all the help you need whenever you need it.