Year in Revew: Gratitude Everyday

Attorney Amanda N. Follett, Schloemer Law Firm, S.C.

With the holidays, at Schloemer we always take time to reflect on the last year. As the end of the year approaches and we look back on 2020, there’s a lot that can be said about this last year … 2020 has been different – I have missed seeing people, missed events, missed “normal.” This year, it has been challenging to focus on all of the things we have to be grateful for, but that makes it all the more important. That is why now more than ever I have found it important to purposefully start each day with gratitude – to reflect on all of the things in life that I have to be thankful for, and to think of the things I have to look forward to each and every day, both at work and personally.

I am grateful for and look forward to seeing my co-workers each and every day. At the Firm, we realized how truly grateful we are for all of the great members of our team. Over the years, we have been blessed to work with great staff and attorneys.  But this group, especially this year, demonstrated how fortunate the Firm and our clients are to have these individuals on the team.  When we heard the news that someone would be out for two weeks to quarantine, it quickly became apparent how much each and every one of our team members does on a day-to-day basis to keep everything running smoothly, and how many things that each person does that I never stopped to think about. Everyone pitched in and helped cover for those who were out or unavailable. Now, when we have a day when everyone can be at work and healthy, and no one has a child home from school to quarantine, I am ESPECIALLY grateful – a year ago, who would have thought to even be grateful for that?

The other silver lining of this year was our forced innovation and adaptation. After the initial shock of shutdowns (who had even heard of those a year ago, much less the idea of wearing masks any time of year other than January in a blizzard), I was impressed with how quickly everyone adapted and found ways to grow and continue to serve our clients when they needed us. We quickly moved from in-person to telephone and video conference meetings, and we surprisingly found that many clients preferred these methods, as it cut down on their drive time, allowed them to schedule meetings during their working day more easily, and allowed other advisors or family members to participate from afar.

On a more personal note, several members of our team shared what they are grateful for this year (hint, we all love our families and our pets):

I am first and foremost grateful for my families (Jon & the Pets, my “work family”, my Rotary family, and everyone else in my life). That being said, a special note of gratitude this year goes to our quarantine puppy – “Buddy” – who is now a full-sized monster and has kept us outside and extremely active, rain or shine or snow, to appreciate all of Wisconsin’s ‘seasons’.

Attorney Jim Spella shared that he is grateful for his loving family and especially his grandchildren: “Karen and I welcomed our 17th grandchild into the Spella fold when Charlotte was born on April 10. In the end, isn’t family and relationships with those you love, the real ‘essential’.”

Attorney Andy Niebler is grateful for his puppy Piper a/k/a “Wiggles” or “Protest Dog”.
In his words, Piper is “always glad to see me, something that is rare.”

Our Office Manager Pam W. shared that she is thankful for: “Going into the office to see my co-workers when quarantining at home becomes a little too crazy!”

Paralegal Courtney F. shared: “I’m grateful for the adventures I’ve been blessed enough to go on with fantastic people. I’m also grateful for my co-workers who give fantastic “adulting” advice when needed and the humor that always comes along with it. Also, through the pandemic, going into the office was a great constant to have in my life when everything else was happening so fast, including first-time home ownership.”

Happy Holidays, and remember there is a lot to look forward to in 2021!

Attorney Amanda N. Follett

Originally published: December 21, 2020.

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